This is the end

Dear Keendly user We are shutting down Keendly. This is something we really wanted to avoid, but our plan didn’t work as we hoped it for. As you might know, couple of weeks ago we introduced Premium accounts, unfortunately we didn’t receive as many premium subscriptions as we needed to keep Keendly alive. Therefore, we will be stopping the entire service by the end of the month. Everybody that subscribed for Premium, will be refunded after that date. [Read More]

Introducing Keendly Premium

What? We are introducing Premium account. From now on scheduled deliveries are available only to Premium users. Why? Well, the truth is that we can’t afford running the service for free anymore. Keendly has always been free but unfortunately, servers are not and to keep the service alive, we need to start getting some money. How much? Premium plan will cost 3€ monthly. After signing up for Premium, there is gonna be 7 days of free trial period, with access to Premium features. [Read More]

Push notifications

Immediate notifications about new articles delivered

Today we are announcing a new feature. It’s been live for some time, so some of you have probably already noticed. In any case, Keendly now sends push notifications :) It’s quite tightly related to our recent announcement, mobile app. Push notifications together with the app make a truly mobile experience. How? When you log in to Keendly, either via web or app, you will be asked for permissions to receive notifications: [Read More]

Welcome Keendly mobile app

You can now have Keendly always at hand

A mobile app was among the most requested improvements to Keendly during our last survey. We didn’t want to make you wait too long. Some users might have noticed it already, but today we are announcing it. Keendly web app has been transformed to a Progressive Web App. What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)? It pretty much is a way to install a web application on a mobile phone, to deliver native mobile experience without worrying about an app store, upgrades etc. [Read More]

New application

We released new version of our web application

Around two months ago we released new version of our web application. It’s been rewritten from scratch, uses top-notch technologies and material design, we hope you like it as much as we do :-) The overall layout has not changed much but we tweaked few things: Number of unread articles in a feed You can now see number of articles you would get delivered to your Kindle directly in the list of feeds. [Read More]

New features: Reading time & QR Codes

Just a quick announcement today, some of you probably noticed already that we have recently added two new features: QR Codes Our users requested this one. After the text of each article, you will now notice an image with a QR Code. It is not a random QR code obviously. It points to the article’s website. What does it mean? Well, you can now scan the code to see the article on your mobile, to share it on social media, send to a friend etc. [Read More]

Introducing personal sender emails

Keendly is back!

After more than a week of being down, we’re back! What happened? So far the only information we shared was that we got blocked by Amazon from using the Send To Kindle service. Let us explain it a bit further. As you know, we are generating ebooks from articles. Those ebooks are pretty much just files in a format that Kindle devices understand. In order to make them appear on Kindle, we are sending them by email using the Send To Kindle service. [Read More]

Interactive magazines

Star articles directly from your Kindle

Few days ago we released first of many (hopefully) features that we call interactive magazines. You can now find two links just below the article’s title. They allow you to: Star article For some readers (NEWSBLUR) it is called save instead. It will simply mark the article as saved for later. Mark as read As you suspect, it will mark the article as read in your reader. NOTE: link is available only if you didn’t choose to mark the articles as read automatically. [Read More]

Migration to SWF

First post about the tech behind Keendly

In the first post about the technology behind Keendly, we’re gonna tell about our migration from custom flow system to Amazon Simple Workflow. We will try to explain why we decided to replace working system for something we didn’t understand and share our finding and experience. Problem As you know, we are generating ebooks. Generating each of them consists of several steps. We need to: fetch the article content from the website download, resize and compress images generate actual ebook send it via email mark delivery as finished mark articles as read From the very beginning we wanted those tasks to be independent. [Read More]

Inoreader token expired notifications

Never miss your feeds again

Quick announcement for Inoreader users today. Keendly integration with Inoreader is based on Oauth. Once user authorizes Keendly to access his account, we are able to fetch feeds, unread articles, mark them as read etc. The token returned by Inoreader, is valid for 30 days though. So if you’ve set up an automatic delivery a month ago and didn’t log in during that time to Keendly, we lose access to your Inoreader data. [Read More]