Automatic deliveries

The most requested feature is there!

Today is the day. We are pleased to announce by far the most requested feature - automatic deliveries. We call them subscriptions. You can subscribe to feeds and have their articles delivered on daily basis, automatically. Process of creating subscription is almost exactly the same as the one for single delivery: Log in Select feeds you want us to send to your Kindle automatically Click SUBSCRIBE Configure your subscription: There are two more fields comparing to single delivery configuration: [Read More]

Meet Keendly

Send your favorite content right to your Kindle

Let me introduce Keendly, a service that allows you to enjoy content from your favorite websites as you would enjoy a book. It won’t be anything new if I say that we were never surrounded by as much information as we are now. Notifications about new content are coming from multiple channels all the time. We are not left alone though. RSS readers, social media feeds are helping us to organize, services like Pocket or Readability are helping to focus on the actual content. [Read More]