Automatic deliveries

The most requested feature is there!

Today is the day. We are pleased to announce by far the most requested feature - automatic deliveries.

We call them subscriptions. You can subscribe to feeds and have their articles delivered on daily basis, automatically. Process of creating subscription is almost exactly the same as the one for single delivery:

  • Log in
  • Select feeds you want us to send to your Kindle automatically
  • Configure your subscription: Configure delivery There are two more fields comparing to single delivery configuration:

    • Delivery time - what time do you want to receive articles
    • Time zone - in what time zone specified time is, we try to detect timezone you are in, so if you are not sure what to put here, it is safe to leave the default value
  • Click SUBSCRIBE again Voila!

On the main page you can now see how much time is left to the next scheduled delivery. Of course you can always trigger manual delivery, it will not interfere with the subscription.

You can also view all your subscriptions on the Subscriptions page. If you don’t want one anymore, you can also delete it there.

Enjoy and do not hesitate to share your opinion!

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