Interactive magazines

Star articles directly from your Kindle

Few days ago we released first of many (hopefully) features that we call interactive magazines.
You can now find two links just below the article’s title. They allow you to:

  • Star article
    For some readers (NEWSBLUR) it is called save instead.
    It will simply mark the article as saved for later.

  • Mark as read
    As you suspect, it will mark the article as read in your reader.
    NOTE: link is available only if you didn’t choose to mark the articles as read automatically.


These are the first interactions we implemented. We have many ideas for more, like sharing an article on Facebook/Twitter. Or saving it to Pocket/Evernote/Instapaper. If you would like to see some other, let us know.

We hope you all will find it useful. Give us a shout if you have any other ideas to improve Keendly!

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