Welcome Keendly mobile app

You can now have Keendly always at hand

A mobile app was among the most requested improvements to Keendly during our last survey. We didn’t want to make you wait too long. Some users might have noticed it already, but today we are announcing it. Keendly web app has been transformed to a Progressive Web App.

What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)?

It pretty much is a way to install a web application on a mobile phone, to deliver native mobile experience without worrying about an app store, upgrades etc. It is served from the cloud, but thanks to caching also availlable offline. For more information, visit this website.

How to get it?

It is very simple, all you need is an Android phone (if you have an iPhone, don’t worry, there is an option). When you first visit app.keendly.com, your browser with ask you whether you want to add Keendly to your Home Screen, few seconds after clicking the button, you will see a new app installed:

Add to Home Screen Home Screen Android

Now you can interact with it as with a regular mobile app on your phone:

Splash Android

Easy, huh? And without even visiting Play Store!

So what about iOS?

On iOS you can still add Keendly to your Home screen and be able to launch with just a single click on an icon, you just need to do it manually. After loading the web app in the browser, open the menu and click Add to Home Screen:

iOS menu Android

Then, just set the name and voila!

iOS menu Android

Now you can quickly access Keendly whenever you need, we hope you find it useful. As always feel free to leave a comment or contact us directly if you have any questions!

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