New application

We released new version of our web application

Around two months ago we released new version of our web application. It’s been rewritten from scratch, uses top-notch technologies and material design, we hope you like it as much as we do :-)

The overall layout has not changed much but we tweaked few things:

Number of unread articles in a feed


You can now see number of articles you would get delivered to your Kindle directly in the list of feeds. No more guessing or checking in your RSS reader which feeds you want to send.

Feed category indicator


Most of RSS readers allow you to group your feeds into categories. Now Keendly will display them right on the home screen. Categories have different colors to make looking for your feeds easier.

Missing Kindle email notification


We realized, that our previous flow was confusing for many new users. You would get an error message when trying to create a delivery saying that your Send-To-Kindle email was not configured, but without any instructions how to set it. Now we check it beforehand and point you to the exact place to configure it. No more unpleasent surprises :)

We hope you find those little improvements useful. At the same time please feel free to reach out to use or comment here your feedback regarding the new application. We are very keen to hear from you!

Happy New Year and thank you for your support!!!

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