Push notifications

Immediate notifications about new articles delivered

Today we are announcing a new feature. It’s been live for some time, so some of you have probably already noticed. In any case, Keendly now sends push notifications :)

It’s quite tightly related to our recent announcement, mobile app. Push notifications together with the app make a truly mobile experience.


When you log in to Keendly, either via web or app, you will be asked for permissions to receive notifications:
Permissions mobile

That is it :) From now on, whenever we send you new articles (applied to both scheduled and manual deliveries), you will be notified immediately:
Notification mobile

Is it only for mobile?

Even though we believe it is especially useful on mobile, the same functionality is available on destkop. Firefox and Chrome support push notifications sent by web apps. First you are asked for permissions:
Permissions desktop

And will get notifications on your computer: Notification desktop

Hope you like it :-)

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