New features: Reading time & QR Codes

Just a quick announcement today, some of you probably noticed already that we have recently added two new features:

QR Codes

Our users requested this one. After the text of each article, you will now notice an image with a QR Code. It is not a random QR code obviously. It points to the article’s website. What does it mean? Well, you can now scan the code to see the article on your mobile, to share it on social media, send to a friend etc. We hope you find it useful.


Reading time

Another new feature is an estimated reading time. You can find it below the article’s title. We calculate it for 17 languages and base the calculation on the results of a study: Standardized Assessment of Reading Performance: The New International Reading Speed Texts IReST. You can now see how much time do you need to read an article before even starting. How cool is that?

Reading time

If you want us to add some other features, feel free to comment or drop us an email:!

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